AIC Renovation Plan

Note: All estimates are very rough estimates.  Project leaders will evaluate different contractors to decide the best price and quality.

PHASE 1 – To be completed by the Summer 2015

Phase 1 – Urgent Renovations (Estimate $30K – $50K) + Roof ($60K – $100K)


Phase 1.1 Very Urgent Items – required by the city (Estimate $15K-$25K)

  1. Finish the access to the basement from the 1st floor according to Architect’s plans;
  2. Create Emergency Exit
  3. Separate the different phases with temporary fire rate walls;
  4. Condemn the 2nd floor keeping it as is.

Phase 1.2 Urgent Items  (Estimate $15K – $25K)

  1. Finish the ground floor: Handicap restroom, vestibule (lobby), vestiaire (lockers), community room #1, front facade, landscaping

Phase 1.3 Urgent Items  (Estimate $60K – $100K)

  1. Repair the roof;

Later Phases

Phase 2

  1. Finish the 2nd floor according to Architect’s plans;
  2. Rebuilt main access stairs as code standards;
  3. Finish exit path above the car wash;
  4. Install the exit stair according to Architect’s plans;
  5. Connect 2nd floor with ground floor and exit path.

In order to complete the renovation of Aisha Islamic Center, we propose phase 3.

Phase 3

  1. Finish the floor above the car wash according to Architect’s plans.
  2. Build the staircase between the community rooms #1 and #3.

Urgent Costs –

Final Building payment due July 2015 $230 K
Urgent Renovations (not including roof) $50 K
Loans $60 K
Total Needed $340 K
Total in Bank ~$150 K
Total to Collect $190K

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