Aisha Islamic Center

The center is registered as a Not-for-profit organization in the province of Quebec. It observes all Canadian and Quebec regulations of good management, transparency, accountability, and continuous reporting. In addition, AIC implements the Islamic model of leadership and sustainable management.The center is bringing several new innovations to the Muslim community:

  1. A wealth of expertise within the directors of the associations: Muslim scholars, prominent business people, philanthropic leaders, academics, youth activists, and community leaders.
  2. An innovative model for the governance of the association where the board of directors consult a community council frequently to keep close to its community.


The mission of AIC is: “To establish and operate an Islamic center in the heart of Montreal to serve the orders of Allah, help the Muslim community to practice the principals of Islam, and ultimately please Allah (GOD) (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) by adhering to the teachings of the Qur’an and the methodology of the Sunnah of prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). AIC will provide and maintain a place of worship, an Islamic center for individuals and families, a source of reference and support system for the community, and a facility for authentic Islamic education. In addition, the organization will develop and implement da’wah programs to promote and develop the understanding of Islam.”AIC aspires to be the innovative Islamic center of choice for all Montreal Muslims dwelling, studying, or working in or close to the downtown area. We will conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and respect in our relationships with our community, other Muslims organizations, and the Montreal community at large. We succeed when we exceed the expectations. AIC`s internal working environment is not only professional, collegial, energetic and fun, but it also strives to foster collective responsibility and transparent governance for achieving its goals.


The fundamental purpose of AIC is to instruct, educate, and inform Muslims about the basic knowledge of Islam so that they may contribute individually towards meeting human needs in conformity with Islamic doctrines and beliefs. It shall be the purpose of the center to develop a feeling of brotherhood and avoid any un-Islamic practices. The main objectives of AIC are:

  1. AIC main objective is to establish, administer and maintain the a place of worship located at 425 de l’Aqueduc, Montreal, QC H3C 4J8
  2. To provide Islamic religious services and facilities for prayers for local Muslims.
  3. To provide Islamic education, da’wah resources, and counseling services to the Muslim community, including families, Youth and seniors.
  4. To protect and advance the use of the association assets optimally.


AIC activities are:

  1. Building project ( renovation);
  2. teaching of kids;
  3. facilities for five time prayers;
  4. Islamic lectures and seminars.

Governance and Constituencies

The AICfoundation is formed by the four following constituencies

  1. Board of Trustees/Board of directors
  2. Community Council (Senate / Advisory committee)
  3. Executives
  4. Membership

The trustees’ main role is to take care of the long term survival of the project including the physical assets, long term objectives, and the healthy operating of the facilities. This committee can play the role of directors who would follow up quarterly with the operation of the executives. If there is a need to split the trustees from the directors, a new body can be formed.

The community council plays an important role to integrate key figures in the Muslim community into the project (professionals, lawyers, professors …). They can offer invaluable input to the project by reflecting the community’s feedback without being tied down with cumbersome schedules and major decisions.

The executives would take care of all operations and report to the trustees/directors board yearly or semi-yearly. The executives shall present also to the community council at least twice per year.


All the praise is due to Allah to grant us the chance to be part of this great project. May Allah accept from all who are working silently and publicly to bring the center to reality.On behalf of AIC, we would like, then, to thank all the brothers and sisters who have put their time, efforts, and skills to make this project a reality.

Volunteer Support

Many thanks for the all silent supporters who have contributed during the past several years to this project. It would be continuous charity for them (Sadaka Jariya) in sha’a Allah. No words can describe their efforts. However, the almighty Allah knows and his rewards are the ones that last.